I have been going in and out of gun stores since I was a little boy. One thing that always bothered me was the lack of care that most gun shop owners and workers seemed to have for the "browsing" customer. I never could understand why they did not try and engage this "browser" in conversation. To me, the "browser" is the person whom I want to find out more about. This is the person who usually is unsure of what exactly they want in a firearm and need a little guidance. This is where I shine. I enjoy nothing more than helping a person find the right firearm for them.

Finding the firearm that serves your exact purpose isn't really a science, it is more of a "feel". I find that most people who buy their first handgun, shotgun or rifle buy what the internet says is hot right now. Many though, would be better served with a different weapon entirely. Until you are standing in a gun shop holding a firearm, you do not know if it fits your hand, if you like the trigger pull, if you can handle the weight of it, and many other things. When you go to our shop, we will happily show you various different firearms and allow you to hold and in most cases check out the trigger pull.

Come on by and see us. One of the most liked firearms we carry is the SCCY CPX-1 and CPX-2 series of pistols. They are affordable, reliable, and best of all... Fit most people well. I will be writing a full review on these pistols in the near future, so stay tuned!