Interested in a custom AR-15 or AR-10? 
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We are professional, custom builders of Extremely Accurate, Purpose Built, Mission Specialized AR-15 and AR-10 Rifles and Upper Assemblies. We have built Match Grade Rifles and Uppers capable of at least .5 moa for discriminating marksmen. Even our Tactical Style Uppers and Rifles are built with quality materials and will shoot sub moa groups at 100 yards, and are in use by numerous police officers and 3 gun shooters in the area! Each rifle or upper is individually hand assembled using high-quality components and superior workmanship by our in-house specialist. Some components are built exclusively for us and some are built or modified in-house. We believe in Quality weapons at an affordable price, a level of Service that exceeds expectations, and Integrity as a way of life!

We know gun people as we ARE gun people! Like you, we remember where we received exceptional customer service and tell others about our good and (bad) experiences. We strive to be the shop that everyone loves!

All Rifles and Uppers are guaranteed to function when they leave our store!  We know that sometimes there will be issues that come up with a rifle. We guarantee that if we build it, we will fix those issues if they are brought to our attention! Abuse, Normal Wear, and Neglect are not covered. This should not be a concern to most of you since you take pride in your firearms or you would not be interested in having us customize your prized firearm! This guarantee covers the exact upper or rifle as built by Tactical Sourcing. No warranty expressed or implied beyond repairs or replacement of upper assembly or rifle as originally built by Tactical Sourcing.

We have match grade new manufacture Ammunition available and will also reload your brass (price paid is based on caliber, condition, and amount)

We do not use parts and components provided by the customer unless they are purchased here at Tactical Sourcing without prior approval.  This is to protect both us and the customer from faulty firearms! All lowers must be purchased prior to being built and logged in as “gunsmithing”. This is to ensure that you get the exact firearm you desire!

We are adding new items all the time. The Shopping Cart is for your convenience. All items are in stock unless there is an Out Of Stock Banner across the first picture. If it shows out of stock, email or call us. We may have them in stock or may be able to build one right away. We are custom builders, if you want another option, then email or call us and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the build you want. We like to answer questions and NO question is stupid! (Except the one that is not asked!)