Here at Tactical Sourcing, we take gun cleaning to a different level.  We expend 2.5 hours of labor to clean your gun. Don't be fooled by cheap, fake, "feel good" cleanings. We employ a time consuming 17-step process in our firearm cleaning service. We do not think you will find a more thorough firearm cleaning service anywhere. You can order this service at the bottom of this page, and then drop it by our location to have the firearm cleaning service done.

1. We perform a complete function test of your firearm.

2. Your firearm is then completely disassembled (where possible), not just field stripped.

3. Your firearm is then soaked in our proprietary solution to remove old grease, oil, dirt and powder residue. 

4. The exterior of your firearm is then scrubbed and rinsed. 

5. The bore and chamber are scrubbed and polished to clean and remove deeply embedded fouling.

6. The chamber and bore is then honed. This process removes rust and ensures proper operation.

7. Metal parts that are in the white are then polished in order to restore their beauty.

8. A complete surface rust removal is then done on both the interior and exterior of the firearm.

9. A second rinse on our proprietary solution is done.

10. Your firearm then spends up to 45 minutes in an anti-corrosion, rust-inhibiting oil.

11. Your firearm is removed from the proprietary oil and allowed to drain.

12. We then wipe down and blow out any remaining oil.

13. Your firearm is fully inspected and measured to ensure it meets the manufacturer's specifications where applicable.

14. We cold-blue any worn spots on your firearm to touch up any signs of wear at this point on request.

15. The firearm is completely re-assembled.

16. We retest the firearm for proper function.

17. We perform a final wipe-down with another rust preventative to give long-lasting protection and a beautiful luster.